Here is my resume.


I began my career in the mid-1990s, in Boston, as an Editor. Since 2002, I've been making films as a Director/Producer/Shooter/Editor.


In my work, the line between Director and Editor is a blurry one because when I direct, I'm also the Editor on the project. For me, the tasks are two parts of a common whole and they're inseparable.


As a shooter, I'm most experienced in documentary situations –  observational, unscripted, and using available light. I show up with my backpack that has all the camera and audio gear I need to shoot for a full day and I disappear into the setting. I rarely interact with the people I'm shooting, other than to ask them to ignore me.


I'm especially skilled as an interviewer, which is ironic because I was cripplingly shy as a child. I'm good with regular people, content experts, and organizational leaders, getting useful answers from all.


As a Producer, I've managed the personnel, logistics, financials, and deliverables of field and studio shoots of all sizes, both in this country and abroad.


As a team member, I'm low-maintenance, self-sufficient, reasonable, and accommodating. Years of documentary work in nonprofit circles have taught me how to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances and finite resources, in the moment, on location and in post.


+1 (805) 905-1000